Workshop: Hemp Lime – SPAB

Hemp and Lime training SPAB

Energy retrofitting for the traditional thermal envelope. Preparation, mixing and casting Hemp Lime infilling traditional timber frames.

When: Tuesday 11th November 9-1pm
Where: Blewberry, Oxfordshire OX11 9PD [Map]
Cost: Nominal (Closed)


Introduction – Marianne Suhr, SPAB
4-hour demonstration and workshop – Simon James Lewis

  • The traditional thermal envelope – hygroscopic capacity, velocity and polarity.
  • Method – preparation, mixing, casting and results.
  • Material – hemp shiv and lime binders.

Q&A discussion.

  • Project proposal – developing further case studies in partnership, SPAB Scholars and Fellows,  Preparation, mixing and casting Hemp Lime onto existing masonry


Renovation, conservation and new build construction. Preparation, mixing and casting onto existing masonry, infilling traditional timber frames and solid wall monolith construction.

Hemp Lime is a low-cost sympathetic solution for our historical, conservation and traditional buildings.

Hemp and Lime, hygrothermal passive heat recovery, resolves damp problems with the secondary effect of improving the thermal efficiency of older buildings. The principles and materials used in traditional architectural detailing prevent degradation whilst regulating temperature and humidity by capturing and recycling energy from moisture.

CPD and demonstration for Scholars & Fellows of the Society for the Protection of Accent Buildings. We will look at why Hemp Lime works so sympathetically with the traditional thermal envelope and how to undertake a Hemp Lime retrofitting project.

Recommend viewing January talk.

Mixing Hemp Lime

Small scale mixing process, the Tom-bola, tosses the Hemp Lime together without removing the air, this prevents balling or ‘potatoes’. A concrete mixer must not be used.

Fitting Hemp Lime

Hemp Lime ‘poked’ with a pointy stick into the formwork, DO NOT TAMP, to achieve the correct density the destination volume is calculated and matched to the mixed volume. The formwork is raised immediately and the edged can be gently compressed to feather the render coat into the timber frame.










Case Studies
Hemp Lime projects
The damp Victorian terrace, steamy hygroscopic bathroom and open plan emancipated kitchen, every home has cold spots.



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