Workshop: Bristol Hemp Lime

Thermal Envelope

Energy-retrofitting the traditional thermal envelope. Preparation, mixing and casting Hemp Lime onto existing masonry.

Three-day weekend of Hemp Lime training.

Hemp Lime tutorial

When: Friday 11th March, 10-5pm
Where: Bristol
Cost: £120

‘What, How and Why Hemp Lime’
We’ll begin the weekend with a small tutorial group. Day One is aimed at participants wishing to take a lead with designing, planning and delivering a Hemp Lime project. As well as how to get it done, we’ll look at the underlying objectives of a Hemp Lime installation within the broader context of energy and moisture in the home.


  • The traditional hygrothermal envelope.
  • Design, planning, preparation and procurement.
  • Mixing ratios, weights, volumes and water demand.
  • Shuttering, casting, density and drying.


We’ll cover building principles, design, project planning and procurement as well as the preparation, mixing and casting onto existing masonry.

We’ll discuss why, where and how thick to cast the Hemp Lime, quantifying materials, outlining labour and equipment required.

We’ll prepare the wall for Hemp Lime by cutting and fitting the timber ‘Dochens’, designing detailing around corners, windows and junctions (ceilings and skirting boards). We’ll discuss installing services and its requirements.

We’ll look at how to build your own Hemp Lime mixer, and whether to mix by weight or volume. We’ll work out the ratios of Hemp to Lime and how much water is required for a successful mix.

We’ll set up the shuttering and calculate the casting density. We’re then ready to begin the casting process – having prepared everything in advance, we can begin casting and quickly get up to speed.

Lunch  of soup, sandwiches and salad will be provided and participants are invited to attend Day Two (Hemp Lime Workshop), where the focus will be building momentum with a team.

Free booking: 6 places available
Cost: £120
(Invoice to follow Eventbrite booking)

Booking closed

The Neighbourhood Construction workshop is situated in Montpelier, central Bristol.

Hemp Lime workshop

When: Saturday 12th March, 10-5pm
Where: Bristol
Cost: £80

‘What is Hemp Lime and How to mix and install it
The focus for Day Two is practical delivery and building momentum with a team.  The workshop is aimed at participants wishing to learn the practical skills required to successfully install Hemp Lime.


  • Risk assessment.
  • Preparations.
  • Mixing and casting.
  • Systems thinking and team building.


We’ll begin with a look at health and safety, working with Lime, working at heights and working with each other to identify hazards and manage risks.

We’ll look at the preparations that have been made to the walls before we begin and how these affect the quality and speed of the installation.

We’ll set up and systemise the mixing process, moving the shuttering, and calculating the casting density before applying the Hemp Lime.

Lunch  of soup, sandwiches and salad will be provided and participants are invited to attend Day 3 (Hemp Lime Demonstration), to share their experience and reinforce their learning.

Free booking: 9 places available
Cost: £80
(Invoice to follow Eventbrite booking)

Booking closed

The Neighbourhood Construction workshop is situated in Montpelier, central Bristol.

Hemp Lime demonstration

When: Sunday 13th March, 11-4pm
Where: Bristol
Cost: Free

‘What is Hemp Lime’
Interested in finding out more and having a practical taster? This could be the first step in exploring the possibilities of undertaking your own project. The focus will be on demonstrating the techniques but we’ll give everyone a chance to get their hands dirty (gloves will be provided). Come along and have a go!


  • Talk and discussion.
  • Preparations.
  • Mixing and casting.
  • Q&A.


We’ll begin with introduction and an overview of the principles and process. Some participants will have worked with Hemp Lime before; we welcome the sharing of experience as this helps to reinforce our learning.

We’ll point out the preparations that had been made to the walls and their effects on the quality and speed of the installation.

We’ll demonstrate the mixing process and moving the shuttering to apply the Hemp Lime,  highlight key points and then finish with a Q&A.

Lunch  of soup, sandwiches and salad will be provided

Free booking: 12 places available
Cost: Free

Booking closed

The Neighbourhood Construction workshop is situated in Montpelier, central Bristol.


We’d like to share our unique and pioneering process for resolving both energy and damp problems with the internal application of Hemp Lime to the traditional thermal envelope. A strategic, successful and cost effective alternative approach to internal wall insulation. Hemp Lime is a low cost sympathetic solution, not only for our historical, conservation and traditional buildings, but also for the ubiquitous Victorian terrace.

Hemp and Lime, a form of hygrothermal passive heat recovery, resolves damp problems with the secondary effect of improving the thermal efficiency of older buildings. The principles and materials used in traditional architectural detailing prevent degradation whilst regulating temperature and humidity by capturing and recycling energy from moisture.

Aimed at both householders and professionals, we will look at why Hemp Lime works so sympathetically with the traditional thermal envelope and how to undertake a Hemp Lime retrofitting project.

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