Talk: Bristol Hemp Lime – March 2015

March talk

Energy retrofitting the traditional thermal envelope. Preparation, mixing and casting Hemp Lime onto existing masonry.

“Thanks Simon, enjoyed this talk very much”
“Revolutionary, really want to find out more”
“Excellent series”

When: Thursday 5th March 7-9pm
Where: Portcullis, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4LE [Map]
Cost: Free (Closed)


Introduction – Bernardo Mori, Architect.
40 minute presentation – Simon James Lewis.

  • The traditional thermal envelope: hygroscopicity and internal weather.
  • Case studies: preliminaries, installation and results.
  • Further research: hemp lime, process and context.

Q&A discussion.

  • Project proposal – developing further case studies in partnership with the National Trust, STBA, SPAB, local housing associations and local authority energy retrofitting schemes.


Following on from our January talk, we’d like to share our unique and pioneering process for resolving both energy and damp problems with the internal application of Hemp Lime to the traditional thermal envelope. A strategic, successful and cost effective alternative approach to internal wall insulation. Hemp Lime is a low cost sympathetic solution not only for our historical, conservation and traditional building but also the ubiquitous Victorian terrace.

Hemp and Lime, hygrothermal passive heat recovery, resolves damp problems with the secondary effect of improving the thermal efficiency of older buildings. The principles and materials used in traditional architectural detailing prevent degradation whilst regulating temperature and humidity by capturing and recycling energy from moisture.

Aimed at both both householder and professionals we will look at why Hemp Lime works so sympathetically with the traditional thermal envelope and how to undertake a Hemp Lime retrofitting project.

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