Talk: Bristol Green Roofs


Mapping the city’s green roof strategy in 2015, creating opportunities for pollinators and how to build your own green roof.

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When: Thursday 26th February 7-9pm
Where: Portcullis, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4LE [Map]
Cost: Free (Closed)


Introduction – Kate Watson, Bristol Green Doors
40-minute presentation – Simon James Lewis.

  • Wildlife, rainwater, recreation and aesthetics.
  • Membrane, deck drain, substrate and planting.
  • Site-specific designs, economies of scale and small green roofs.

Q&A discussion.

  • Project proposal – mapping the city’s green roof strategy, with an informed and coordinated approach to CPDs, adult learning programs and volunteering opportunities. “Buzzing Bus Stops” raising awareness of the Urban Pollinator project, engaging local neighbourhoods with the installation of pollinator habitats on top of the city’s bus stops.


This year Bristol is European Green Capital and green roofs are popping up all over town. As well as all the usual benefits green roofs have to offer they are also great eye catching green icons that get people’s attention.

Many of the roofs appearing around Bristol have been designed and build by enthusiastic volunteers with little or no experience, we’d hate so see all that good will and hard work fail. Many of the enquire we receive are from those wanting to learn how to build for themselves on a limited budget and get it right first time.

Aimed at both householders and professionals we will look at the why, how it’s done and most importantly the do’s and don’t of getting it right. If you are considering a green roof, already have one or know someone who does (no matter how small) please let us know and come along, we’d love you to share your experience and add your roof to the map.

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