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Home Improvement

The home improvement board game and householder engagement strategy. Peer to peer group support for the little things that make the greatest difference. Achievable projects structured with strategies, principles and tools to help get things done.

“Another excellent evening of debate and discovery.”
“Reflecting on a few things you highlighted, I’ve been feeling inspired!”
“Looking forward to the workshops.”
“Very interested in everything you’ve covered.”

When: Thursday 23rd April 7-9pm
Where: Portcullis, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4LE [Map]
Cost: Free (Closed)


Introduction – Nick Banks, Centre for Sustainable Energy
40-minute presentation – Simon James Lewis.

  • No-cost and low-cost interventions that make successful home improvements.
  • Occupant behaviour, draught-proofing, insulating and damp remediation.
  • Principles, design, planning and team building.

Q&A discussion.

  • Project proposal – developing successful engagement strategies combined with adult learning programmes for householders and contractors undertaking home improvements and energy retrofitting schemes.


How to create successful householder engagement with a little joined up thinking.

Before applying the costly and complex interventions, build your skills and understanding with the no-cost and low-cost interventions that make successful home improvements. From changing a tap washer to how and why to hang wallpaper.

Informed occupant behaviour, successful draught-proofing, strategic insulating and mitigated damp remediation. Understanding the building principles, designing more than an aesthetic, putting together a project plan, a realistic schedule and building a team.

Achievable projects structured with strategies, principles and tools to help get things done.

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