Vegetable garden


Upstairs from the workshop, looking into the third floor of the house is our vegetable garden. Being up high in an urban environment it’s very noticeable how much more light it gets compared to than other urban gardens.



The greenhouse is a priceless use of space, not only does it extends the growing season, it make a pleasant recreational space all year round.



Planted for pollinators, there is always something flowering. Behind the Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Dog Rose, large logs decay for the bugs surrounded be Pink and White Champion. Pulmonaria Lungwort flowers very early in the season and Borage flowers practically all year, and its great in a salad.



Herbs are great for pollinators, plant plenty, let them flower and go to seed. Rocket, Sage and Chives.



Green Rose Chafer or Goldsmith beetle, they love to feed in the White Beam tree.


Curvilinear exterior staircase



Gold fish have a great appetite for Mosquitos in the pond that feed the irrigation system.



Water from the roof of the house is collected in the pond down in the back yard. Solar panels power a water pump to fill up the reservoir in the greenhouse. The roof garden ank waters the gardens, and also feeds the loo in the house, no more Lime scale. The out let from then feeds back to the pond.

Hornet mimic hoverflys, Hawthorn shieldbugs, Scarlet tiger moths, Mud dauber wasps, Magpie moths, Zebra spiders, Orb spiders, Mint moths and Rose chafer beetles. Victoria plum, Bramley apple, Williams pear and Celeste cherry. Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Dog rose. Rosemary, Parsley, Tyne, Rocket, Sage, Chives and Borage. Asparagus, Pink fir apples, Kale, Purple sprouting broccoli, Rainbow chard, Rhubarb, Horse radish, Jerusalem artichokes, Tomato, Beans
Pulmonaria Lungwort, Nettle, Oxeye daisy, Climbing rose, Sweet pea, Pink and White champions.


Case Studies
Bin stores and burial mounds
Economics of scale.

Sheds and workshops
Self-build or contracted.

Extensions and new builds
Responsibilities and liabilities.

Vegetable garden


Green Roof process
Membrane, deck-drain, substrate and habitats.

Talks and workshops
Green Roof training
Principles, processes, design and installation for retrofit and new build construction. Successful self-build or managing contractors.

Advice and consultancy
Green Roof preliminaries
Building principles, design critique, project planning, and team building.


Green Roof products
Ethylene propylene diene monomer, deck-drain, substrate, planting.

Green Roof partners
Schools, hospitals, retail, and commercial warehousing. Prefabricated and bespoke new build. Conservation and renovation.


Bristol Green Roofs
Flat roofs are a waste of space, they’re seldom insulated, leak, overheat and look awful. With so many altruistic reasons to install, it’s no wonder most motivations are self-serving.


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