Burial mounds


The grotto at Marlborough college, built between 1718 and 1735, on the side of a twelve thousand year old burial mound.


Marlborough Burial Mound Grotto

Inside the grotto water has begun to penetrate through the roof.



A new roof was required, it had to satisfy the planners with a material change to this grade I listed building and stand the test of time. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, EPDM rubber.



Deck drainage layer and lightweight substrate growing medium.



EPDM, deck-drain, sub-straight and sedum all arrives on different lorries, each one with a pallet charge, transport and logistics soon mount up. The rubber and deck drain was delivered to us Bristol prior to install in Marlborough so as work could commence as soon as we are on sight. Substrate, growing medium, is delivered direct to Marlborough and arrives just as the rubber membrane has been laid out. The long slow process of carrying by hand the bags of substrate up to the roof can begin while the detailing of the sides, corners and outlets are completed.



A sedum blanket gives good coverage for an initial clean start to discourage foot traffic. As the burial mound’s habitat is restored the roof will become naturally colonised by the local fauna.


Case Studies
Bin stores and burial mounds
Economics of scale.

Sheds and workshops
Self-build or contracted.

Extensions and new builds
Responsibilities and liabilities.

Vegetable garden


Green Roof process
Membrane, deck-drain, substrate and habitats.

Talks and workshops
Green Roof training
Principles, processes, design and installation for retrofit and new build construction. Successful self-build or managing contractors.

Advice and consultancy
Green Roof preliminaries
Building principles, design critique, project planning, and team building.


Green Roof products
Ethylene propylene diene monomer, deck-drain, substrate, planting.

Green Roof partners
Schools, hospitals, retail, and commercial warehousing. Prefabricated and bespoke new build. Conservation and renovation.


Bristol Green Roofs
Flat roofs are a waste of space, they’re seldom insulated, leak, overheat and look awful. With so many altruistic reasons to install, it’s no wonder most motivations are self-serving.

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