Energy retrofitting – why it doesn’t work and why it causing damp.

– 40 minutes


Energy and Damp


Advice and support.

As a consultant, designer, specifier, project manager and craftsman Simon James Lewis has over 30 years of experience working in Heritage, Renovation, Maintenance and Improvement.

“An impartial opinion saves you money, more often preventing unnecessary costly works.”

This journey of guided discovery focuses on achieving positive results with no-cost behaviour strategies, simple low-cost interventions and projects to manage energy, moisture and indoor air quality in your home.


Drop us a line and we’ll give you a call. 

  • Free: 10-minute telephone triage.

Beginning with a conversation, we’d like to listen to your thoughts and assess your needs before proposing how best we might advise and support you.


Site visit

Appointment time: 4 hours*

Cost: £240*

Working together we’ll empower you with the understanding and confidence to make informed decisions about your own home.

  • We’ll look at any symptoms or issues of immediate concern raised in your enquiry.
  • We’ll discuss your short, medium and long-term aspirations for the property.
  • We’ll consider the broader context of energy and moisture in the home.
  • We’ll develop an understanding of how your house performs and how best it can be improved.
  • We’ll talk through how we can best support you with the design, scope and delivery of your project.

Following the visit – We’ll reflect, then re-group to review and critique the understanding as well as to exchange and develop any new thoughts and ideas.


Ongoing support

Following the initial consultation and re-group further advice and support can be provided by the hour or even by the minute. Either as one of booking or ad-hoc engagements.

  • Telephone – minimum booking: 1 hour* – Cost: £60*
  • Site visit – minimum booking: 2 hours* – Cost: £120*
  • Ad-hoc – by the day or the minute, when necessary and needed: 6 hours* – Cost: £240*



Cost: £480*

Reports are not included with an initial site visit or ongoing support; a brief summary is often enough. Thoroughly documenting observations and advice may be an unnecessary expense when working directly together. However, when there are multiple stakeholders or the client is unable to attend a site visit a comprehensive report is invaluable. 

Here are some reports.


* Cost is given as a normative example, appointment times can vary according to the agreed scope. Travel and accommodation costs may also apply.

The consideration is discussed and agreed prior to engagement. Payment in advance.