Workshop: Informed occupant behaviour

Occupant behaviour

The most inefficient thing in a house is the occupant. Opening windows, closing door, drawing curtains, operating radiators, turning thing down and turning things off. Much of our energy and damp problems could be solved by learning how to operate our homes more efficiently and effectively.

When: Saturday 16th May 12-5pm
Where: 14 Richmond Road, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5EN [Map]
Cost: Free (Booking essential)


  • Principles – self-determination and group support.
  • Tools – pencil, measure and and adjustable wrench.
  • Projects – tap washers, radiator valves and light bulbs!


The first in this series of home improvement workshops, we’ll look at money saving measures that cost nothing to put in place, just simple psychology and a little self-efficacy. Observation alone can reduce consumption, we’ll begin with a blind guess then measure what we actually use, the difference between what we think we use and what we actually use is agenda setting.

We won’t just be looking at utilities, we’ll also be looking at how to operate our homes more efficiently and effectively such as putting in place simple strategies for controlled ventilation, managing internal weather and mitigating moisture.

We’ll also be getting to grips with some tools, learning transferable skills and tackling some basics yet essential home maintenance. We’ll be working our way through the tool box this series, learning top tips for proficiency with every tool you’ll need around the home.

This month plumbing, could you turn off your water in an emergency? How to ‘bleed’ your radiators, drain down your heating, fit thermostatic radiator valves and change a tap washer. The little things are much more significant than we are led to believe, successful home maintenance and management are key living in a warm, dry cosy home, whether you’re an owner occupier or renting your home.

Booking closed

The Neighbourhood Construction workshop is situated in Montpelier, central Bristol.

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Informed occupant behaviour
The most inefficient thing in a house is the occupant.

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