Lime plaster basecoat

Lime Plaster Basecoat
Energy-retrofitting the traditional thermal envelope. Mixing and applying basecoat Lime plaster.

A two day Lime plaster contractor training opportunity.

 Lime plaster training

When: Thursday 28th April – Saturday 30th April, 8-5pm
Where: Bristol
Cost: £240

On the job training
The workshop is aimed at participants wishing to learn the practical skills required to successfully apply Lime plaster in a commercial setting.

With the project prepared and underway, we’ll be training along side experienced practitioners.


  • Risk assessment.
  • Preparations.
  • Mixing and application.
  • Systems thinking and team building.


We’ll begin with a look at health and safety, working with Lime, working at heights and working with each other to identify hazards and manage risks.

We will then continue with the application of the basecoat plaster onto Hemp Lime walls:

  • We’ll look at the preparations that have been made to the walls before we begin and how these affect the quality and speed of the installation.
  • We will learn how to mix the lime plaster, apply it and work it exceptionally flat in preparation for the top coat.
  • Throughout the sessions we will learn the most efficient and effective way to work with the material.

Lunch  of soup and sandwiches will be provided.

Free booking: 4 places available
Cost: £240 bursary available

Booking closed

The project is situated in Montpelier, central Bristol. Further details on application.



Hemp Lime contractors

Lime plaster topcoat

Lining paper


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