Damp - People

Tell them what they want to hear.

Historically an industry-led, product based approach of applying water-proofing whilst affirming that a customer is ‘right’ about that roof leak wins contracts.

A knowledge-led approach diagnoses then specifies construction detailing to mitigate moisture combined whilst engaging the householder with behaviour change strategies, understanding internal weather and an appreciation for the traditional thermal envelope. This is unlikely to win friends let alone contracts, however no cost and low cost solution engage people in the process and build a greater understanding of how our homes work remediating damp and saving energy too. 

‘Cooking on gas’ need not be a race, slower cooking is double plus good for reducing moisture as gas comes bundled with free water. Closing the door on our emancipated kitchens.

Roasting a chicken uses less gas than hard boiling an egg.

Damp - People


Not shaving in the shower, cuts both energy bills and moisture.

Damp - People


Forcing moisture into the air from a boiling pan or laundry on a radiator is very different from moisture contents reaching an equilibrium like water evaporating from a mopped floor.

Resolving a damp problem requires simply tipping the balance and engaging the occupant being more mindful like hanging thing out just a little more often. So be mindful of your laundry day and follow the weather. When it is cold it is dry, item feeling damp but most of the moisture has evaporated and a the UV light kills bacteria and makes things smell nice too.

Learning new habits, turning things down and operating our homes efficiently. Misty windows are a cue to break old habits, the response, closing internal doors and operating windows.

The most inefficient thing in a house is the occupant. Opening windows, closing door, turning thing down and turning things off. Many problems are solved by changing our habits and learning how to operate our homes more effectively, observation alone can solve the problem.



How what we do in our homes and to them affect how they behave, causing damp.


Internal weather

How air circulates around and through the home, conveying moisture from source to symptom.


Thermal envelope

How the thermal envelope was originally intended to perform, what went wrong and how to put it right on a budget.