Green roof products

Available for collection from our workshop in central Bristol. Limited and variable stock available to fascinate self-build small green roofs.

EPDM Membrane

Corners, outlets components.

Green Roof Deck-drain


On the role, sheets and fleece. £25/m2


Light weight broken brick aggregate and clay subsoil.

Green Roof sedum


Sedum nursery packs to get you started also herb plants and seeds.


Case Studies
Green roof projects
Bin stores and burial mounds. Sheds and workshops. Self-build, managed or contracted. Extensions and new builds. Vegetable garden.


Green Roof process
Membrane, deck-drain, substrate and habitats.

Talks and workshops
Green Roof training
Principles, processes, design and installation for retrofit and new build construction. Successful self-build or managing contractors.

Advice and consultancy
Green Roof preliminaries
Building principles, design critique, project planning, and team building.



Green Roof products
Ethylene propylene diene monomer, deck-drain, substrate, planting.

Green Roof partners
Schools, hospitals, retail, and commercial warehousing. Prefabricated and bespoke new build. Conservation and renovation.


Bristol Green Roofs
Flat roofs are a waste of space, they’re seldom insulated, leak, overheat and look awful. With so many altruistic reasons to install, it’s no wonder most motivations are self-serving.