Bristol Green Roofs

40 minute video – everything you needed to know about building and maintaining a green roof


Bin stores and burial mounds, sheds and workshops, extensions and new builds, wildlife habitats and rooftop vegetable gardens. Flat roofs are a waste of space, they leak, are seldom insulated, overheat and look awful. With so many altruistic reasons to install a green roof, it’s no wonder most motivations are self-serving. EPDM rubber is watertight and insulation can be added. Need more space, then make more land. Adding substrate to a roof buffers summer overheating, winter frosts and stops the rain pouring off. Planting gives back precious land to bugs, spiders and birds. Living roofs are recreation, look good and make us happy.

Advice and consultancy

After ten year of designing and installing green roofs, we no longer provide and installation service. Advice and consultancy is still available to help you design and detail your roof correctly. Designing and working successfully with EPDM rubber as well as opportunities for more cost effective and better planting. Training and support are also available before and during installation.


Case Studies…

Bin stores and burial mounds


Economics of scale.


Sheds and workshops


Self-build, managed or contracted.


Extensions and new builds

Bristol Green Roofs

Responsibilities and liabilities.

Vegetable garden


Better gardening.