Hemp Lime hygroscopic capacity

Early Case Studies

Victorian terrace

The damp Victorian terrace, built on a budget, what went wrong and what made it worse? How a century of bad practice was put right in a couple of weekends.

Hygroscopic bathroom

The steamy bathroom, need to be more than breathable, capacity counts, rapidly responding in layers, the wallpaper’s not for decoration.

Emancipated kitchen

The open plan kitchen, wreaking havoc in every home, enter the Bi-folding doors and the reveals expose a concentration of moisture.

Cold spots

Every home has Cold spots under repeated attacked from internal-weather, reduce the storms by tackling a more manageable project in isolation.

40 minutes – everything you need to know about how and why we are casting Bio-aggregate: hemp-lime to existing masonry.

50 minutes – Materials module at CAT. MSc Sustainability and Part 2 Architect students