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Trouble shooting site visit and tutorial. Learn how to remove the discord to create harmony by engaging and empowering occupants with simple no cost and low cost strategies and interventions that tip the balance back from cold and damp, to a warm and dry cosy home.

Damp meters are designed to measure the moisture content of timber moisture meter give false readings when applied to houses due to the ferrous content of the mortar render or plaster especially in late Victorian, Edwardian, 1920’s 30’s and 40’s construction.

There is no such thing as ‘damp-proofing’, no magic solution to be applied, resolving a damp problem requires observation and understanding. How a building was originally intended to perform and how what we now do in them and to them affect how they behave. Free advice will tell you what you want to hear and will inevitable come with an plausible, expensive quotation for remediation.

A damp pathology home tutorial looks at the property and symptoms within the context of occupant behaviour, air movement and insulation as well as the principles of traditional architectural detailing and hygrothermal passive heat recovery. Understanding empowers occupants to resolve damp problem with no cost and low cost strategies and intervention.


People, how what we do in our homes and to them affect how they behave, causing damp. Internal weather, conveying moisture from source to symptom. The traditional thermal envelope, how it was originally intended to perform, what went wrong and how to put it right on a budget.

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Damp, architectural detailing, hygrothermal passive heat recovery, hemp lime and green roofs.

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