Advice and consultancy


Troubleshooting, advice, consultancy, workshops and tutorials, pre-purchase viewings, site visits and surveys.

See through the façade to reveal a property’s hidden history and explore its potential. Understand the science, pin down your objectives, get to grips with the tools and make the most of managing contractors. Energy, damp, renovation and refurbishment.


We’ll begin with a brief chat over the phone and discuss how best we can help. If appropriate we’ll schedule an appointment to look at things in more detail.


During an initial consultation we’ll spend a few hours discussing your aspirations for the project and take a look at the building principles that need to be applied.


It is advisable to step back at this point to reflect, allowing fresh ideas to emerge and a little joined up thinking to take place.


After a period of reflection we can re-group and take a look at how a little perspective has informed your ideas. Together we can question the rationale, help fill in any gaps and empower you to move forward with a informed design and begin putting together a plan.


This may be all the help you need, however once an initial consultation has been undertaken further consultancy is available to critique your designs, and to help with project planning and team building.

We can run skills workshops or be available for troubleshooting advice on site or over the telephone.


If you have an enquiry, please drop me a line.

Damp pathology
Learn how to remove the discord to create harmony with simple no cost and low cost strategies and interventions that tip the balance back from cold and damp, to a warm and dry cosy home.

Building principles
Energy, damp and renovation. This introductory tutorial takes place in your own home and provides the foundations from which to start. Following a period of reflection, we’ll regroup to debrief and discuss next steps.

Design critique
Think it through thoroughly, measure it up twice and do it properly once. Critiquing your designs for the unintended consequences and missed opportunities. Energy, daylight, ventilation and resistance to degradation.

Project planning
What you know you know, what you know you don’t know, what you don’t know you do know, and what you don’t know you don’t know. Identifying the unknown unknowns, what you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Team building
Project management and distributed leadership, site safety and systems thinking. On time and on budget, ongoing support for your project. Alternative pricing structure available for contiguous work.


Hemp Lime training
Successful installation and accreditation on completing the above tutorials and practical workshops.

Green Roofs training
Successful installation and accreditation on completing the above tutorials and practical workshops.


Drop me a line
I’ll give you a call. We can have a brief chat before deciding whether you’d like to schedule an appointment.