Advice and consultancy


Advice and support

Advice and support – impartial guidance, focusing on no-cost and low-cost intervention.

Home improvement, care and repair, energy and damp.

Home tutorial

Working together we will empower you with the understanding and confidence to make informed decisions about your own home.

During this home visit, we will cover the following:

  • We’ll look at any symptoms or issues of immediate concern raised in your enquiry.
  • We’ll discuss your short, medium and long-term aspirations for the property.
  • We’ll consider the broader context of energy and moisture in the home.
  • We’ll develop an understanding of how your house performs and how best it can be improved.
  • We’ll talk through how we can best support you with the design, scope and delivery of your project.

Following the visit, we will reflect and then re-group to review and critic your understanding as well as to exchange and develop any new thoughts and ideas.

Appointment time is 4 hours.

Cost: £240*


Site appraisal

A documented opinion – survey and report. Conveyancing, estate management and disputes.

Cost: £480*


* TBC – dependent on the agreed scope of the investigation and report as well as travel costs, accommodation, etc.


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